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Thursday, February 22, 2024
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The Grey Ghost of the Himalayas Rises Once more

Snow leopards occupy a spread that spans the excessive mountains of 12 international locations throughout Asia, the place the hostile climate and rugged terrain conspire to snuff out any signal of life. Few animals and fewer people can survive on this liminal house. But, for millennia, this large cat species has managed to eke out a residing in among the harshest circumstances on Earth.

The snow leopard’s lengthy tail allows the stability and agility to scale steep slopes, its highly effective hind legs permit the snow leopard to leap six occasions the size of its physique and its thick silver coat, marbled by black rosettes, gives the perfect camouflage to vanish into the mist.

These variations make the snow leopard a formidable predator but additionally make this species a problem to gather knowledge on. Snow leopards reign over a territory that’s inhospitable and sometimes inaccessible to researchers. In consequence, greater than 70% of their habitat stays unexplored.

snow-leopard, young male,eyes viewer from its rock perch.

© Surya Ramachandran

A Haunted Historical past

The snow leopard’s elusive nature has given rise to an air of mystique, which solely grows thicker because the altitude climbs. Communities in these outer areas have come to know the snow leopard by its moniker, the “grey ghost” and the “ghost of the mountains.”

In Ladakh, a sparsely populated area within the Indian Himalayas the place Tibetan Buddhist tradition predominates, locals inform of a preferred legend a couple of man and a god. It goes like this: “As soon as a yogi was meditating in a cave for a number of years. On the finish of his meditation, the deity he was praying to manifested itself within the type of a snow leopard. He fed the animal as an act of kindness, not figuring out that he was, in reality, providing meals to the deity. The subsequent day, the snow leopard rewarded his kindness by leaving a freshly killed ungulate on the entrance of his cave.”

Whereas this mythic beast conjures up awe in some cultures, it conjures concern in others. A latest paper by Dr. Saloni Bhatia and her colleagues on the Snow Leopard Belief examines animal folklore within the Himalayas to raised perceive the dynamics of human-carnivore interactions.

Her findings revealed that, very similar to wolves, optimistic associations with snow leopards are overshadowed by destructive sentiments due to their tendency to prey on livestock. Dr. Bhatia discovered that the predominant values ascribed to the snow leopard have been utilitarian. Most tales have been concerning the use or commerce of its physique elements, adopted by tales about trophy looking and their use in conventional drugs and rituals.

Buddhist monks dancing Cham mystery in Lamayuru, India

Buddhist monks performing the “Cham Thriller” dance in Lamayuru, India.

Sentinels of Snow

In 2021, World Wildlife Fund launched 100 Years of Snow Leopard Analysis, a report masking the present conservation efforts throughout the cat’s 12 dwelling international locations. Samundra Subba, a analysis officer with WWF-Nepal, shared his experiences in a story for our journey weblog, Good Nature Journey. “I seemed round myself, staring into the acquainted dry, arid, and treeless Trans-Himalayan terrain, questioning how briskly the treelines have been shifting and puzzled concerning the future. The local weather disaster will inevitably shrink snow leopard habitats,” wrote Subba about considered one of his satellite tv for pc telemetry expeditions.

“Would the species be capable of adapt to the hotter temperatures? Would it not be chased out of its personal habitat, unable to compete with different large cats, such because the frequent leopard, which might additionally transfer increased into the mountains as temperatures heat? Would there be a future the place this enigmatic species survived?” Subba agonized.

WWF scientists estimate that the results of local weather change may lead to a lack of as much as 30% of the snow leopard habitat within the Himalayas alone. Snow leopards not solely play a key position in managing prey species populations, however they’re additionally sentinels of snow — melting snow. They’re necessary indicators of the impacts local weather change and anthropogenic encroachment have on the general well being of high-altitude environs. If snow leopards thrive, so will numerous different species, together with the most important freshwater reservoirs on the planet.

snow leopard in the falling snow

“For many of my group, the telemetry expedition means endless logistics, however for a biologist, it additionally means hope,” Subba declared. “It signifies that people acknowledge the position this predator performs in safeguarding the mountain ecosystem and that research and analysis are being carried out to assist it survive, even perhaps thrive.”

WWF reduces human-wildlife battle within the Japanese Himalayas by empowering communities to coexist with snow leopards. Initiatives embody putting in predator-proof corrals for livestock, creating livelihood enterprises and growing native insurance policy to compensate for any losses incurred. WWF additionally pilots varied neighborhood consciousness and teaching programs to scale back the retaliatory killing of snow leopards. Collectively with TRAFFIC, the wildlife commerce monitoring community, WWF works to remove the unlawful commerce of snow leopard fur, bones and different physique elements.

Snow Leopard Numbers on the Rise!

In a latest press launch, WWF celebrated a “milestone achievement.” Bhutan introduced a 39.5% enhance in snow leopard numbers! After analyzing over 10,000 digital camera entice photographs, the Nationwide Snow Leopard Survey 2022-2023, supported by the Bhutan For Life venture and WWF-Bhutan, confirmed the presence of 134 snow leopards.

This represents a powerful leap from the nation’s first survey in 2016 when solely 96 people have been recorded. The discovering serves as “continued inspiration for defense of this elusive species,” says Dechen Dorji, Senior Director, Asia Wildlife, WWF-US.

three snow leopards in the grass

See It To Imagine It

Your probability to witness this elegant apex predator is rising as their numbers enhance, and our snow leopard expedition in far-north India provides you wonderful odds to see them within the wild.

The Land of the Snow Leopard journey unfolds in Ladakh, the place we’ll observe the Indus River by way of distant excessive valleys to succeed in our personal Snow Leopard Lodge. From this cozy base, we set out every day looking for the “grey ghost.”

We accomplice with the most effective snow leopard trackers within the area, and our spotters’ potential to detect these masterfully camouflaged cats is second to none. The encompassing cliffs and alpine meadows present habitat for the snow leopard’s prey — ibex, bharial and urial — in addition to fox, hare, pika and Tibetan wolves.

Conan Dumenil, Naturalist Guide and Spotter, helps traveler photograph, Grand Himalaya Range, Ladakh, India.

Conan Dumenil, Naturalist Information and Spotter © Ralph Lee Hopkins

The Ladakh neighborhood acknowledges that defending snow leopards from unlawful looking and poaching is helpful because the cats are integral to sustaining ecological stability. As a traveler, your presence turns into a strong incentive for locals to guard their pure assets, making wildlife price extra alive than lifeless and wild lands price extra intact than degraded. And also you’ll return dwelling not simply moved by your experiences however as an knowledgeable and enlightened ambassador for conservation.

Catch a glimpse of your subsequent journey through this footage and watch our Day by day Dose of Nature webinars “Journey to the Land of the Snow Leopard: Half 1” and “Half 2,” introduced by Nat Hab Expedition Chief Conan Dumenil, to study extra!

Snow Leopard walking along the Indus bank grasses of the Ramganga river.

Snow Leopard strolling alongside the Indus financial institution grasses of the Ramganga river © Surya Ramachandran



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